Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rotterdam and Amsterdam #1

Rotterdam and Amsterdam are incredible even with no sleep for 42 hours and have to sleep in the basement of the hostel with mousetraps, leaks and no lock...........

Also click on the MIMEO things to get a profile of the building and its location in the city....

U N Studio - Erasmus Bridge


Piet Blom - Cube Student Housing


UN Studio - Spido Ticket Office


OMA - Kunsthall


NAI [National Architecture Institute]


Theatre Square Schouwburgplein

Friday, 22 May 2009

just lovely....

Please check my friends lovely blog out, at least someone is doing something honest with her life.......

good luck dani

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Circulation + Light + Inbetween space + Poche

Good post on Programs and how to show Circulation + Light + Inbetween space + Poche (the negative space)



Dissertation question right now is:

'Can maggies centres and similar clinics which are designed with great care, not only improve patients lives who have long term illnesses, but help to cure them?'



These are some renders of around about the halfway point of the scheme, the circulation is in place the green/rock climbing/ventilation chimeys are in, the fire escapes and the floor plates are in place, gives you an idea of where its going.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Manchester Architecture Department YouTube

Great resource for short segments on some of the best piecs of architecture around the world....

Sunday, 17 May 2009


This is just a preliminary program and ratio diagram I developed for a presentation last week it needs some alterations but you can get a general idea of the interior fabric, circulation routes, air circulation, entrance/exits and the way the sun enters the building.

Also a video i created to show the shadows cast around the site giving me valiable information on where to place the specific uses within my building.

Paimio Tuberculosis Sanitorium Alvar Aalto, 1929

Paimio’s design stands apart from that of many other medical instutions due to Aalto’s attention to detail and his considerations of how the space would
be used by its occupants. This is one of the first examples of enviroments being shaped by the user, architects and planners for years to come will use this technique to create enviroments which the user can react to, spend time in and most inportantly feel comfortable in.

The basic layout of the building is of three bars, splayed out
at angles to one another and connected at the center. Aalto had
seen the same scheme at work in another tuberculosis sanatorium
at Zonnestraal, and he adapted it for his design. The first bar contained
patient housing and nursing facilities, the second a cafeteria,
and the third services.

Whats in between a twat and a shitter............?


Amsterdam and Rotterdam!!!

Just booked flights to Amsterdam and Rotterdam cant wait!!

Just to get me in the mood.................


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Dutch Embassy Berlin

This is a great video resource on youtube,

i think its a chanel made by someone in connection with Atelier...........

anyway its a great channel to keep up to date with!



Today at 1.55 am I created my second blog the first hasnt been touched for a while................... heres to new leaves turning.